You write the show, we clear the music.

The team at Thirty Saints are experts in licensing music but also have fun with their clients. They want them to feel comfortable knowing they are working with experienced professionals who understand the importance of getting permission from rights holders so that royalties can be paid properly.  

Their motto is simple: You write the show, we’ll clear the music. That way, everyone feels confident that legalities won’t get in the way of creativity and production will go smoothly without any hiccups.  

From small jukebox musicals to big-budget blockbusters, if you need help clearing music - look no further than Thirty Saints Music Licensing!

Our policy is to tell clients to get songs cleared before seeking productions.  We feel that is the ethical way to work.  This way they are representing a show that includes songs that have been approved for use and will certainly be a part of the show.

Thirty Saints Music Licensing was founded by a group of music-minded professionals with the same philosophy in mind—to help writers and producers get their projects off the ground. Together, they developed a system that helps clear songs for production so that artists can showcase their work without worrying about any copyright issues or other legal issues.

The Thirty Saints team is made up of passionate individuals who want to see creative projects come together seamlessly. They handle all the paperwork to make sure everything is above board and all parties involved are happy with the agreement.

Thirty Saints is a trusted name when it comes to music licensing needs.  Their clients have included members of The Broadway League, The National Alliance of Musical Theatre and The Dramatist Guild.

Not only do they handle all the legwork, but their services also provide an invaluable resource for writers looking to produce high quality content while avoiding any potential copyright issues down the line. With such an experienced group behind them, clients can rest assured knowing their project will be taken care of from start to finish—from getting songs cleared before seeking productions to ensuring royalty payments are paid out on time after they have received full approval from proper channels.

Thirty Saints Music Licensing offers one of best options available when it comes to getting your project off the ground quickly and correctly!

Our esteemed clients include